Services Offered At Amtex Scale

Rice Lake Pit Scale


Custom Designed - Build in-ground scales in warehouses, hospitals, and production factories. Design unique table scales that are NTEP rated. We Have saved our customers production time and decreased labor loads for the scale user.
New Scales - Purchase branded new scales from Us. We will calibrate and certify new scale.
Used Scales - Purchase a Perfectly Working Used Scale through us at a discounted price.
Options - We'll add any additions you need to your order to make your purchase complete.
Warranty Support - All sales come with a warranty. Proudly honored! Without hassle.


All Scales - If your scale can be repaired, we can repair it. From Analytical Balances, Retail Scales, Cement Hoppers and Truck Scales.
All Brands - We have a wide variety of parts. There is no brand out there will not turn down.


Counting Scales - For inventory needs we rent a numerous number of counting scales.
Delivery and Pickup - We will deliver/pickup rental scales for you. Same for any size test weights.
Test Weights - We rent out test weights (certified / uncertified) in many different sizes.


On Site Scale - We will go to your site and calibrate your scale if it's out of tolerance.
Heavy Capacity - Need weights to calibrate scales such as truck scales. We have a testing truck just for that kind of situation.
In Shop - Bring your scale to us and save some money. we'll calibrated if your scale is not within tolerance.


NIST Handbook 44 - When ceritifying scales and weights we follow the Handbook 44 to the 'T'.
Test Weight Transport and Support - We will transports any weights you would like to get certified by The State of Texas in Giddings. We will also prep them cosmetically to the States liking so your weights will have no trouble passing.
Reports and Certificates - We will provide you will all the documentation needed after getting your scale calibrated and certified. Reports for weight certifications will so be given.
Certified Load Tests - We're a certified company with certified scale technicians to perform your load tests.